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Custom center

Prmat cooperates with major domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers and universities, owns a variety of production and processing equipment. In addition to provide common high purity materials, it can also provide customized products as follows:

1, High precision silicon mask template, sapphire mask plate, stainless steel mask plate and so on.

2, Precision parts, high vacuum system and parts design and processing, including Macor machinable ceramics processing customization.

3, Refractory metal materials series: custom processing precision tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, nickel, tantalum and its alloy plate, bar, strip, it can be processed into a variety of precision machining products according to the customer's need, such as tungsten molybdenum screw, screw, boat and so on.

4, Precious metal materials series: can be customized processing precious metal strip, precious metal pipes, precious metal composite materials and the target material, high purity metal particles of powder and so on.

5, PBN series: can be customized processing of various type and specification of PBN crucible, PBN processing parts.

6, Target material series: can be customized processing of precious metals, rare metals, alloys and ceramic target material, etc

7,The custom of evaporation source materials and high purity inorganic materials

8,Two-dimensional single crystal, two-dimensional film customization

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