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About Prmat

Prmat(shanghai) technology Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise jointly established by PhDs from Pierre and Marie Curie University,which has an elite team with strong professional ability and creativity in abundance.

The company's strategic location is fairly superior. It is located in Shanghai, the estuary of the Yangtze River, with convenient traffic and developed economy, enjoying the geographical advantage of Yangtze economic zone and the first free trade zone in mainland. In this era of speed, no matter how urgent the order is, it will be processed rapidly and delivered as fast as we can.

Prmat owns professional R&D capability, it has independently developed (1) high precision silicon mask template used exclusively for two dimensional materials,  aligning system and its micro measuring system, (2) vacuum precision components, MBE System, Multi-channel measuring rod of material genetic engineering, manipulator and so on, (3) the design and customized processing of the mask plate and components. The company has a wide range of product line in the aspect of precision materials, enabling us to provide different forms of pure elements, high quality inorganics, Nano materials, single crystal substrates, 2D materials, crucibles and Consumable such as PDMS, ion liquid, silver conductive adhesive and so on.

Prmat has strong academic and technical background. Relying on the advanced material testing equipment and methods of top universities such as SJTU、Fudan University and Northwestern Polytechnical University, we are committed to guaranteeing the quality of products while satisfying the needs of clients. Besides, Prmat has established cooperation with national laboratory about material production and purification in American, German, Japan and Russian, pursuing better quality assurance.

In the aspect of management, Prmat not only provides featured products, but also cooperates with numerous international well-known material companies such as Alfa Aesar, Goodfellow,SurfaceNet, Strem, Lebow,Lesker,Universal photonics, providing one-stop purchasing service for our customers. We could also provide tailored products and services. Whatever the needs are, we can make it undoubtedly.

Since the company established, we never give up the pursuit of better quality and service. Also, we will continue to innovate according to customers’ demand, committed to building sincere relationship with clients, making Prmat a great assistant for your laboratory.